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Thank you for the great opportunity to serve as your representative.  Over the past  2 years we have been able create legislation that stands up for the unborn, gets a little more government out of our daily lives, bring more transparency to our State owned properties (I sit on the committee that oversees State buildings and properties), and to reduce taxes, especially those on Social Security. There are many other bills that we were able to modify, cleaning up problems that have a negative effect on our quality of life.

I have learned so much and feel like I have been able to stand strong for conservative principles that reflect our values here in Southern Utah. There is room for me to improve and I will do so. 

I take this responsibility seriously and will work my hardest to represent the people of Southern Utah and the principles of the Constitution. I welcome your feedback and questions. 


Thank you




Thursday, January 16, 2020 11:41 AM

Tax Bill Questions

Good data drives good decisions. People ask me why I supported the tax bill... Because I want to do everything I can to reduce taxes. Why would I want my own family, my brothers and sisters, my dad, my grandma, my neighbors to pay more in taxes? This tax bill collects $160 million less from our citizens than it collected last year.

Please take a minute and see why Sutherland Institute, AARP and Tax Payers Association also support this bill.

Click the link (Tax Bill Questions)

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